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Battle of Madrid
Part of Zero Requiem
Date June 2018 a.t.b
Location Madrid
Result Resistance emerges victorious
  • Death of Orpheus and Marrybell
  • Damocles is sent to the Sun
World is free from Damocles' rule under Marrybell
Glinda Knight Remnants
Peace Mark
Xu Lifeng
Dasko la Clermont
Holy Empire of Britannia
Oldrin Zevon

Orpheus Zevon Nonette Enneagram Leonhardt Steiner Tink Rockheart

Marrybell mel Britannia

Oiaguro Zevon

Lancelot HighGrail
Bradford Brave
Zetland Heart
Sheffield Eye
Lancelot Club
Gouka Byakuen
Gekka Shiden
Gekka Alonso
Vincent GramNoir
88 Vincent Glinda
600+ Vincent Wards
200+ Flight Enabled Sutherlands
300+ Sutherlands
50+ Caerleon-Class Battleships
Sutherland Glinda
Gloucester Glinda
Casualties and Losses
Orpheus Zevon Marrybell mel Britannia
Johann Schwarzer
Many Gareth
Many Vincent Wards

The Battle of Madrid was a final assault on the flying fortress Damocles by Peace Mark and the Glinda Knights against forces of the Holy Britannian Empire lead by Marrybell mel Britannia, now in possession of the key of Damocles.


After Lelouch vi Britannia's victory over Schneizel el Britannia and the United Federation of Nation's forces, Marrybell was placed in charge of the Damocles by Lelouch with Oiaguro Zevon as her aid at Madrid, guarded by the bulk of Britannian forces and Glinda Knights still loyal to Marrybell. One month into Lelouch's tyrannical reign, resistance forces consisting of Black Knight remnants, the Glinda Knights, and Peace Mark members gathered in the Chinese Federation, having taken shelter there to avoid detection from the now Britannia-led United Federation of Nation The gathered parties discuss the events to come regarding Lelouch's public execution of the Black Knights and Marrybell's control of the Damocles. Black Knights led by Cornelia consisting of Minami, Xianglin, Hong Gu, Viletta, Claudio and Guilford decide to go to the public execution led by Lelouch while Oldrin with the Glinda Knight core members consisting of Leonhardt, Sokkia, Tink, Marika, and Nonette, and Orpheus with Peace Mark go after Marrybell. They also receive aid from Sokkia's old Knightmare team the Fireballs, as well as two of Orpheus's past foes, Lifeng and Carine's Knight Dasko.

The Battle[]

Prior to the planned assault of the Damocles at Madrid, Marrybell with the bulk of Glinda Knights and the Britannian Military that were stationed at Madrid with the aid of Oiaguro Zevon and Johann Shwarz anticipated their move. Marrybell moves out in her Eliphaba to lead the army. Both sides took massive casualties while the likes of Orpheus and Oiaguro fought fiercely until a sudden truce stops them both. Peace Mark boarded the Damocles to look for the key but realized it was gone. Oldrin who fought Marrybell to the end landed on her cockpit and demands that she surrenders the key but refused. While Orpheus lands, Oldrin tries to stab them both, but Orpheus stops her from stabbing Marrybell before stabbing the princess himself and the two fall to their deaths. 


Marrybell dies with Orpheus by Oldrin at the same time that Lelouch is killed by Zero. Damocles is sent to the sun and is destroyed as a result.