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The Batalalan Du is a massive ground-based Knight Giga Fortress of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. It is Warden Bitool's primary Knightmare.

Design and Specifications:[]

Equipped with extremely strong armor, it can easily shrug off enemy attacks, including those of the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger.

It can transform from its default crab form into a scorpion form. It has a powerful heat ray cannon in its tail, and is also equipped with 6 "Dreadnought Harkens", having one on each leg, all of which can also use Harken Boosters to change direction and pursue its target. It can also constrict its opponent's movement with the electromagnetic field that it can generate with its claws.

Operational History[]

The Batalalan Du was deployed, alongside the Warden's personal force, to intercept Kallen Kōzuki in the Guren Type Special as she participated in the Black Knights' assault on the Zilkhstan capitol. Initially, due to having Kallen's movement restricted by the Guren's new Frame Coat, the Batalalan Du overwhelmed her, even capturing her using its EM field. However, after the Frame Coat was removed, Kallen soon gained the upper hand. After a battle lasting for hours, Kallen destroys the Batalalan Du and Warden Bitool along with it.


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