Bart L. Darlton is the Glaston Knights member who has blue hair and a long pony which covers half of his face. Like the other members, he is also an adoptive son of Andreas Darlton. He's voiced by David Markus


Bart and the others make their first appearance in Episode 21, when they have just arrived in Area 11 from the mainland. He also contributes in defeating Black Knights in the end of first season. His last appearance is in episode 4 of season 2, when Guilford announces he will execute the members of the Black Knights. At the execution time, Zero came and asks Guilford to fight one-on-one. But Zero cheated, before the battle started; the floor collapsed underneath Guilford and his subordinates. This tactic is also used during the Black Rebellion. Thanks to it, Zero easily attacked Guilford and his comrades.

Bart becomes angry at Zero and attacks him, but to no avail since Zero protects himself with the police's shields. Too focused on attacking Zero, Bart doesn't notice the G-1 Mobile Base fall down and went his way, realizing it was too late as both himself and his Gloucester are crushed.

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