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BBAF-1001 Avalon


Floating Aircraft Carrier/Battleship


Holy Britannian Empire





Propulsion Engine

Float System


1x Ventral-mounted Superheavy Cannon
1x Rear-mounted Cannon
Several 76mm Gun Mountings
Several Missile Launching Racks
7x Single-barrel electromagnetic railguns (season two)

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frames
Britannian VTOL Gunship
Blaze Luminous

Number of Crew

1x Captain
Several Pilots
Several Co-pilots
Few Thousand Airmen
Few Hundred Knightmare Pilots
Few Hundred VTOL Pilots


Schneizel el Britannia
Bartley Asprius
Lloyd Asplund
Cecile Croomy
Euphemia li Britannia
Suzaku Kururugi
Lelouch vi Britannia
Nina Einstein
Royal Guards (some of Lelouch's
and Schneizel's RoyalGuards)

The BBAF-1001 '''Avalon''' (アヴァロン Avaron) is a Britannian airship owned by Schneizel el Britannia, and the first of its kind introduced. It is named after Avalon, a mythical island from Arthurian legend. It uses a Float System for flight, allowing it to hover in place for an unlimited time period. In the second season, it is adopted as a flagship under the command of Suzaku following his ascension of knighthood within the Rounds, and later by Lelouch upon his ascension to Emperor. It is manned and operated by the staff of the irregular military research and development organization, Camelot, which as of Suzaku's knighting also serves as his personal support unit.

Design and Specifications[]

Designated as a Avalon-class Aircraft Carrier/Battleship, the Avalon is a large ship of style and has many quarters, conference rooms and recreational rooms on board. The bridge of the ship has a command platform over other controls platforms, with stairs between the platforms. The bridge's windows can, like in many Britannian ships, become tactical screens for battle strategy and communication purposes. For defenses, it features Blaze Luminous shielding initially only on its underside, but that was later expanded to encompass the whole ship. For offense, it has automatic machine gun turrets spread across the hull and missile launchers along the topside as well as a immense nose-mounted cannon and a rear-mounted one too.

Notably, it also holds a specialized wheelchair catapult for launching Knightmares by accelerating their Landspinners, as well as research, testing and production facilities for Camelot scientists to utilize.

When Lelouch became Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, he had an Avalon that had seven Electromagnetic Rail Cannons attached to it. Lelouch's Avalon is eventually downed during the Battle of Mt. Fuji due to a blast from the Shen Hu's Baryon Cannon. The blast shattered the ships's Blaze Luminous while also causing its primary Float System to fail, forcing it to have an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean.


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