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Type Parliamentary Democracy
Capital Sydney
Area 7,741,220 km²
Population Unknown
Status Active but neutral
Real World Countries

Australia is an independent nation comprising of the mainland continent, Australia and the island of Tasmania. It may also include many of the same external territories as it owns in the real world.



In a map of the world, Australia is shown to not be aligned with either Britannia or the UFN.

Australia is the only region of the world not known to be controlled by any other major power. As late as the formation of the United Federation of Nations, world maps in news reports indicate it to be neutral territory, with Australia continuing its neutrality by being one of the few nation-states that has not joined the UFN in the Kowa Period.

It is possible to migrate by air to and settle in Australia, at least from Area 11.


  • Stage 15 sees Mao shoot C.C. several times and state that he has built a big house in Australia and intends to take C.C. with him. To get to Australia, they must take a plane, and Mao explains that she is too big to take with him, so plans to make her 'compact' by cutting her up with a chainsaw.
  • In Turn 23, Schneizel el Britannia reveals his plan to bring peace through the threat of annihilation on every warmongering nation. Yellow dots on a world map identify targets. One such dot appears in the approximate location of Sydney, Australia's largest city in the real world.