Euphemia Death
Stage 23
"At Least with Sorrow"
Original Air Date March 29, 2007
English Air Date October 12, 2008
Written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, Yūichi Nomura
Directed by Shin'ichi Masaki
Episode Chronology
Bloodstained Euphie The Collapsing Stage

At Least with Sorrow is the twenty-third episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.


Left with no choice, Lelouch shoots and mortally wounds Euphemia in front of Suzaku. Suzaku returns to the Avalon with her battered body as the Black Knights continue to contain the violence. She then dies from her injuries as Lelouch announces his plan for the creation of the United States of Japan. Alone, Lelouch grieves over his actions as C.C. comforts him, reminding him she will stay alongside him, as per their contract. Soon, the entirety of Area 11 revolts against the Britannian Empire. Advancing with his massive army, Lelouch ignites the conflict by initiating the collapse of the Tokyo Settlement.

NOTE: The intro is slightly sped up in this episode.

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