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Asuka-class Black Knights Small Ship

Asuka-class Black Knights Small Ship

Asuka-class Black Knights Small Ship


Floating Battleship


Black Knights
United Federation of Nations


Black Knights


170 Meters


2x Wing Cannons

Special Equipment

Single Catapult Launch System
Float System
Knightmare Frames
Chinese Federation VTOL Gunships
Chinese Federation Strategic Bombers

Number of Crew

1x Captain
Several Pilots
Several Co-pilots
Few Hundred Airmen
Few Dozen Knightmare Pilots
Few Dozen VTOL Pilots

The Asuka-class Black Knights Small Ship (アスカ型 黒の騎士国 小型可翔艦) is the Black Knights's mass-produced floatship, intended to be a more compact version of the Ikaruga. They served as the bulk of the United Federation of Nations aerial fleet, introduced first for the retaking of Japan to increase their military strength.

Design and Specifications[]

The Asuka-class is a comparatively smaller Floating Battleship compared to the Caerleon-class Floating Battleship. Instead, its role is to act as a vanguard to the Da Longdan-class Amphibious Floating Command Battleship and Ikaruga, primarily acting as a carrier for Knightmare Frames.

These floating battleships are equipped with two naval guns attached on the wings and a single catapult launch system to launch out aerial knightmares. Due to the compact nature of the design, the bridge is located on the bottom of the ship.

Like all floating battleships, the Black Knights's variant has its own independent Float System.

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