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Ash Phoenix (アッシュ・フェニックス, Asshu Fenikkusu) is one of the co-protagonists of Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture.


Ash Phoenix is a young man with a lean build, with somewhat long light brown hair and blue eyes. Part of the right side of his hair is dyed blue, complementing Roze's red bang. He has two scars running along his chest down to his abdomen, and a tattoo of the roman numeral 13.


Ash presents himself as a cold and professional young man, usually focused on the mission and showing little emotion towards much else. This is especially reflected in his fighting stlye, often dispatching enemies with effeciency and not speaking unless necessary.

Despite that, he does possess a more compassionate side, often taking in stray animals and having either sent to shelters or caring for them alongside Rozé. He can also be somewhat shy, nervously hiding behind Tomo-omi Oda when Yoko Araki saw him in his underwear.

He views Roze as his most important person, though that is because Sakuya geassed him to do so. He was immediately taken with Sakuya when he met her as Rasberry, being much more cheerful and talkative with her then he normally is.

Character History[]

At some point in the past, Ash killed Jugo Sumeragi and Jugo's daughter, Sakuya, used her geass to convince him that she was his brother Roze as well as his most important person. The two of them then went on to form the Nameless Mercenaries together.


Ash is a masterful Knightmare pilot, able tot take out multiple soldiers singlehandedly and overwhelm one of the Einberg in one-on-one combat.