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The Aroundight was a machine featured in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories. It was built by Camelot for the use of their test pilot, to test the equipment of the Lancelot for mass-production.

Design and Development[]

Wanting to mass-produce the Lancelot for the average soldier. Camelot would use the Surtherland as a base. While using the Sutherland Custom Data. Unlike the Sutherland Custom which would only carried the VARIS Rifle. The Aroundight would use most of the Lancelot equipment including two MVS swords, one VARIS Rifle, and two Blaze Luminous shields and two Factsphere on its shoulders but with only two Slash Harkens. Due too the high energy consumption an additional Energy Filler was installed like the Surtherland Custom.

Operational History[]

Camelot along other Research and Development groups were task of creating a mass- produce Lancelot for the average soldier dubbed Vincent Plan. For Camelot for a testbed unit was created, Aroundight with Garfield as its main test pilot.

It's first mission it was sortie in was a hostage rescue alongside two custom Sutherland with custom equipment. The Aroundight would continue to see action until the battle over Battle over the Pacific were it would be ultimately destroyed with Garfield going MIA. Due too this unforeseen circumstance it's testing data would not be used for the Vincent rather the Lancelot Trial testing data would be used for the Vincent.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • The name Aroundight comes from Sir Lancelot sword given too him by King Arthur. The sister sword of Excalibur.