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Apollo's Chariot Launch Vehicle

Apollo's Chariot Launch Vehicle

Apollo's Chariot Launch Vehicle


Launch Vehicle


United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia

Propulsion Engine

Rocket Boosters

Special Equipment

Several Re-entry Capsules
Several Knightmare Frames


Several Knightmare Pilots

The Apollo's Chariot Launch Vehicle is the United Republic of Europia's multi-staged launch vehicle that is used to carry Alexanders and place them into an orbital insertion for an orbital strike.

Design and Specifications[]

The Apollo's Chariot Launch Vehicle is a conventional disposable multi-stage launch vehicle that is powered via conventional rocket fuel.

The primary goal of this spaceship is for the ability for the E.U. to accomplish an orbital insertion behind enemy lines and beyond the range of enemy air-defenses. It is only large enough to carry a dozen small Knightmare Frames like the Alexanders, this is largely due to complications of fuel efficiency and the economics of space.

Once in delta orbit, the launch vehicle will travel 5km/s, before separating its parts and launching the Alexanders housed within a re-entry capsule.


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