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Anna Clément (アンナ・クレマン, An'na Kureman) is a genius scientist and the developer of the Alexander. She is a childhood friend of Leila Malcal, whom she serves under in the wZERO unit. She has the rank of Captain in the


Anna is an extremely beautiful young woman, possessing a light yet somewhat pale skin tone, sparkling green eyes, and extremely thick bright purple hair that reaches down to below her waistline, with one long strand falling down her front. She is slightly taller than Leila. She wears a long dress-like version of the standard E.U. uniform, with her skirt reaching down to just above her knees, while also wearing boots that reach just below them. She also often wears a set of red reading glasses.


Anna is a girl who is exceptionally kind, compassionate, and selfless. She cares deeply for those around her and is always their needs before her own. Despite being a soldier for the E.U., Anna has been shown to be a gentle girl who detests the violence of the war with Euro Britannia, and shares Leila’s discomfort about how Japanese soldiers are used as cannon fodder by the European government.

Anna is also a very gifted scientist and engineer, with her being regarded as a scientific genius, having done feats such as having disassembled and analyzed a Britannian Glasgow on her own at the age of 12. Her talents were such that even at a young age, she had helped speed up the development of Europia's Panzer Hummel and was able to allow it to be fielded sooner. She has such an interest in her work that she tends to get too excited and explain things that normal people are unable to follow along with, and apologizes for being inconsiderate. However, she also becomes overjoyed when someone like Yukiya is able to follow it. Despite this, Anna secretly dislikes having to build weapons, instead wishing to have her creations help others instead of hurting them. Outside of machines, she also loves insects and is an entomologist.

Anna is also shown to be a sort of worrywart regarding the safety of her friends, especially her best friend Leila whom she shares a close sisterly bond with. Whenever Leila is placed into a difficult situation, even when her life isn’t at risk, Anna will usually cry out of fear for her friend and will shed tears of relief whenever she finds that she is alright. Deep at heart, Anna, in truth, possesses a low opinion of herself compared to Leila, believing herself to be a weak and an incompetent person on her own. This causes her to often rely on Leila for emotional support and will become depressed whenever her friend is gone for long periods of time. Despite this, Anna is not as weak as she credits herself, and has shown bravery and strength of character during desperate times.

According to Leila, Anna has a habit of gossiping, such as when she told Akito that Leila has a rank in Akido. Despite her worrying tendencies, she is shown to be much less laid back then Leila whom she considers to be a “workaholic”, and often encourages Leila to enjoy herself a bit more.

Much like Leila, Anna, in contrast to most Europeans, harbors no prejudice towards the Japanese people, who are constantly discriminated against by the E.U. populace. Instead, she is shown to be abhorred by her country’s racism, and wishes to help the Japanese who are sent to fight in the wZERO unit survive their missions. As time passes, she even comes to fall in love with the Japanese soldier Yukiya Naruse, due to their respective interests in technology.

Character Outline[]

Character History[]


Leila Malcal[]

Anna and Leila had been friends since childhood, which the former considers a miracle since she considers herself not good at making friends. This close bond came due to their shared ideals, with Anna wishing to make said ideals come true and help her in any way she can.

Chloe Winkel and Hilda Fagan[]

Anna considers her two subordinates Chloe and Hilda as close friends. However, she gets embarrassed when the two call her 'boss'.

Yukiya Naruse[]

According to the staff, she has feelings for Yukiya. Yukiya holds her in high regard for her work, but he is never shown reciprocating her feelings.




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