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The Alexander Valiant Ryo Version was designed for the personal use of Ryo Sayama of the Europia United Special Forces unit wZERO.

Design and Development[]

Following the Battle of Slonim, the combat data of the W-0 team was reviewed by the research division, and was used to further improve the performance of each of the machines used by the group. In addition, the speed of its transformation has also been improved. They have also been given new weapons developed at the EU's Barcelona Lab. Unlike the original Alexanders or the Alexander Type-02, the Alexander Valiant does seem to possess a Cockpit Ejection System that can also be activated remotely.

Each has been repainted blue and a secondary personal color or each of their pilots, with orange for Ryo. For Ryo's version of this machine, in addition to the standard Alexander equipment, it has been given multiple heavy weapon systems to act in lockstep with Ryo's preference for using brute strength to overwhelm opponents. It possesses a Linear Chaingun and 4-tube Missile Pod affixed to the sides of the cockpit. For close combat, it carries a Double Edge Anti-Knightmare Combat Variable Axe on its forearm.

Operational History[]



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 1x Linear Chaingun (can be mounted on sides of cockpit)
  • 1x 4-Tube Missile Pod
  • 1x Double Edge Anti-Knightmare Combat Variable Axe (forearm mounted)
  • 2x fixed Uruna Edge knives (stored within arm shaft)
  • 1x Forearm-mounted Slash Harken


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