Alexander Valiant


Technical Specifications

Model Number



Clement Factory
Europia United

KMF Generation


Developed From

Alexander Type-02


Alexander Valiant Ryo Version
Alexander Valiant Yukiya Version
Alexander Valiant Ayano Version



Landspinner Propulsion System
"Insect Mode" transformation mechanism
Brain Raid System




Code Geass: Akito the Exiled (Episodes 3-5)

Known Pilot(s)

Ryo Sayama
Yukiya Naruse
Ayano Kosaka

The Alexander Valiant is a series of three Alexanders used by W-0's Ryo Sayama, Ayano Kosaka, and Yukiya Naruse that have been improved and customized for each of them using the combat data that they have gathered in battle.

Design and Development Edit

Following their previous battle, the combat data of the W-0 team was reviewed by the research division, and was used to further improve the performance of each of the machines used by the group. In addition, the speed of its transformation has also been improved. They have also been given new weapons developed at the EU's Barcelona Lab.

Unlike the original Alexanders, the Alexander Valiant does seem to posses a cockpit ejection system that can also be activated remotely.

Each has been repainted blue and a secondary personal color or each of their pilots. Orange for Ryo, purple for Ayano and green for Yukiya.

The Valiant's technology are on par with the Vincent Ward.

Variants Edit

Ryo VersionEdit

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Ayano VersionEdit

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Yukiya VersionEdit

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