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The Alexander Type-02 Ryo Version was designed for the personal use of Ryo Sayama of the Europia United Special Forces unit wZERO.

Design and Development[]

Completely unlike the Knightmare Frames used by the Holy Britannian Empire and the Black Knights, the Alexander is a high-spec Knightmare Frame that utilizes original technology developed by its designer, Anna Clément. With a specialized "Insect Mode" transformation mechanism, a light-weight body and a high-performance frame, its mobility vastly surpasses that of the E.U.'s Panzer-Hummel and most other Knightmare Frames. The cockpit block is on its back, but it isn’t equipped with a Cockpit Ejection System, because the actual battlefield forces of the E.U.’s special-ops unit “W-0”, the former Japanese (Elevens), aren’t counted as a loss in fighting strength even if they are killed in battle.

The Alexander Type-02 is a variation of the Alexander used by wZERO based off of the first Alexander series, and each one is customized for its specific pilot. Its armaments consist of one WAW-04 “Judgement” 30mm Linear Assault Rifle which can be either handheld or attached to one of the sub-arms on either side of the cockpit and two fixed "Uruna Edge" (ウルナエッジ) Knives stored underneath the wrists of the Alexander that are capable of piercing through the armor of Knightmares. Ryo's personal unit, for its customized arsenal, also used a 6-tube NbW12 Missile Pod mounted on its left sub arm, and a variable axe that could be stored on its left forearm hardpoint.

Operational History[]



General Characteristics

Design Features


Optional Armaments

  • 1x WAW-04 “Judgement” 30mm Linear Assault Rifle (can be mounted on sides of cockpit)
  • 1x Variable Axe
  • 1x WAW-06 6-tube NbW12 Missile Pod


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