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The Alexander Redorga is an Alexander variation used by Ashley Ashra after he joins wZERO.

Design and Development[]

The Alexander Redorga was originally developed as a custom Alexander for Akito Hyuga, but was instead given to Ashley while Akito's original Alexander was upgraded into the Alexander Liberte.

Using an Alexander Valiant as a base, the Redorga possesses a new OS written by Anna. The Knightmare also possesses an additional set of limbs that it uses while in Insect Mode. Its weapons include a pair of Heat Swords, a Heat Knife, and the "Judgement Mk2" Assault Rifle. It also has multiple additional ammo cartridges stored at various points on the frame.

The two cylinders in front of the Heat Knife are an unnamed weapon, but work like handheld Heat Rounds to pierce enemy Knightmare Frames in close combat. The shoulder pod carries missiles that can home in on enemies. Finally, it has smoke discharges that went unused.

Its red color and name, "Redorga", were chosen by Ashley himself.



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Heat Swords
  • 1x Heat Knife
  • 1x WAW-04 “Judgement Mk2” 30mm Linear Assault Rifle


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