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The Alexander Drone is a mass-produced version of the Alexander Knightmare Frame used by W-0. Its most notable feature is that it can be controlled by a machine placed in the cockpit.

Design and Development[]

The Alexander Drone is a variation of the Alexander that can be controlled by a Artificial Intelligence program with help from from a field commander/operator through a machine placed into the cockpit of the Alexander. In actual combat scenarios this Knightmare have a lower combat efficiency than a regular, manned Knightmare, but it makes up for its reduced efficiency by sheer numbers. It was created in a attempt to reduce wZERO casualties. As of yet, Leila Malcal has been the only field commander to employ these Knightmares.



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 1x WAW-04 30mm Linear Assault Rifle “Judgement” (can be mounted on sides of cockpit)
  • 2x fixed Uruna Edge Knives (stored within arm shaft)


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