Akatsuki - Custom Hand Gun

Technical Specifications

Model Number


Unit Type

Mass Produced

Overall Height

4.49 meters

Gross Weight

7.82 metric tonnes

Power Source

Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Armor Materials



Militarized Zone of India


The Black Knights

KMF Generation



Multi Purpose

Developed From


Developed Into

Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan



Landspinner Propulsion System
Cockpit Ejection System


Air Glide System



2x Shoulder-mounted Machine Gun Turrets
1x Hien Souga-type Slash Harken (Left-Chest mounted)


1x Revolving Blade Sword
1x Left/Right Arm-mounted 2-barrel Hand Gun
1x Right Arm-mounted Bazooka
3x Right Arm-mounted Radiation Wave missiles
1x 12-tube Missile Launcher



A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City (first)
Re; (last)


Code Geass: Oz the Reflection O2

Known Pilot(s)

Shinichirō Tamaki
Kento Sugiyama
Cornelia li Britannia (Geass Hunt)



Mechanical Designers

Akira Yasuda

The Akatsuki Mass Production Model (暁, Akatsuki) is the Black Knights' standard Knightmare Frame model in the second season following their exile from Japan. They are given to the Black Knights as a show of support from India, where they were manufactured.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

The Akatsuki is in many ways an evolution of the Gekka rather than a completely new design, and though their frames are visually similar, the Akatsuki's primary distinguishing features are the simplified head and shoulder armor presumably for ease of production. It is silver with a green tinge, and can be fitted with an Air Glide System, consequentially receiving the denomination of Type-05/F2D Akatsuki Mass-Production Flight-Enabled Version

Its primary armaments are a single Slash Harken on the left side of its chest, a simplified version of the Katen Yaibatou shaped more like a baton with a blade extending from the top. For ranged combat, it comes standard with two machine cannons built into the shoulders at its disposal. Optionally, it can also equip a 2-barrel version of the Gekka's Custom Hand Gun, a bazooka, or (in more rare instances) the same Radiation Wave missiles normally seen on the Command Model. The Air Glide Wing unit also comes with integrated missile launchers.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Akatsuki makes its first debut during the time that the Black Knights are at the Chinese Federation specifically the Battle at Xiaopei in a surprise attack on the High Eunuchs forces. Following the battle, the Akatsuki is seen throughout the rest of the second season in the following battles.


Akatsuki - Line Art
General Characteristics
  • Crew: One
  • Height: 4.49 meters
  • Weight: 7.82 metric tons (8.81 metric tons in Flight-Enabled Version)
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Design Features


  • 1x Katen Yaibatou (廻転刃刀, Katen Yaibatou) (lit. "Revolving Blade Sword")
  • 2x Shoulder-mounted Machine Gun Turrets
  • 1x Hien Souga-type Slash Harken (飛燕爪牙, lit. Flying Swallow Nail Fang - スラッシュハーケン, Surasshuhāken) (Left-Chest mounted)

Optional Armaments

  • 1x Left (or Right) Arm-mounted 2-barrel Hand Gun
  • 1x Right Arm-mounted Bazooka
  • Right Arm-mounted Radiation Wave missiles x3 (in rare cases)
  • 12-tube Missile Launcher x1 (sometimes equipped to its Air Glide Wing unit)

Gallery Edit

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