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Shinkiro - Absolute Defense System

The Absolute Defense System

The Absolute Defense System is the most powerful shield system in existence, installed on the Knightmare Frame Shinkirō for the use of Zero (Lelouch vi Britannia).


The Absolute Defense system creates red hexagonal shields that overlap each other to form a defensive grid. This shield system is operated through a pair of keyboard controls, setting up effective defensive patterns based on the information from the Druid System, which plots the trajectories of incoming projectiles.

However, it is later revealed that the Shinkiro's Absolute Defense System is unable to block the Tristan Divider's Excalibur MVS at close range.


The Absolute Defense system has four known weakness.

  1. The Absolute Defense system cannot be simultaneously used with the weapons or other systems.
  2. A high intellect is required to calculate the optimal positioning of the shields. 
  3. Continual pressure from high-yield weaponry (like continuous point-blank exposure to the Mordred's Stark Hadron Cannon) will severely deplete energy reserves and drastically decrease the strength of the Absolute Defense System's shielding.
  4. An attack of high enough force over a small area (as shown by a salvaged half of the Excalibur) will overwhelm the shielding at the point of contact, sapping the efficiency and effectiveness of the shield, which will lead to a structural collapse of the shield.