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A Woman's Battle
Audio Drama 17
"A Woman's Battle"
Original Release Date July 25th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
Playing Strangers The Final Invitation

Stage 15.631 takes place after the Battle of Port Yokosuka and before the Rescue Operation.


It begins as Kallen and Tamaki get into an old car in order to go and do some errands. The two take off as Tamaki continues to complain about having to do so much. Kallen begins to explain the plan for the day when suddenly C.C. interrupts and asks if they can stop at a pizza place. Kallen begins to agree and then realizes that she and Tamaki are not alone.

Tamaki begins to freak out and ask why she is here. C.C. bluntly explains that she was in the car before the two of them got in and thus it is not her fault that they didn't notice her. Kallen nearly gets in a crash as she tries to reprimand C.C. After the near miss Kallen begrudgingly accepts that C.C. is going to tag along but refuses to go and get pizza. C.C. remarks that Kallen needs to be more careful or she will kill the two of them. Kallen replies that she would take C.C. with her. C.C. then wryly asks if she really thinks that she could kill her.

Tamaki then changes the topic and asks if C.C. is Zero's mistress. This causes Kallen a great amount of distress and she swerves on the road. Kallen is further distressed to hear C.C. state that her relationship with Zero is contractual. Tamaki makes a vulgar joke and C.C. decides that she has heard enough and kicks him out of the car while it is still moving. Kallen momentarily contemplates stopping for him but gets over it.

The girls then try to have a nice chat on the drive when Kallen states that regardless of how Zero really looks her feelings will remain the same. C.C. asks if she is in love with Zero and this causes Kallen to swerve again. Kallen then retorts back and asks if C.C. loves Zero. C.C. responds that she is his accomplice this is unsatisfactory for Kallen and she requests more information. C.C. states the she is closest to Zero from among the Black Knights but that there is another woman that is even closer to Zero. She also remarks that he never brings her into such matters and that C.C. is not even on the same level as her. She continues to say how much she likes contracts instead of friendships and Kallen remarks on how lonely that must be. Kallen then gets in a car crash.

Later that day, C.C. returns to Lelouch vi Britannia and tries to discover his feelings for Kallen but fails.