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The term "Knight" in the Code Geass universe may also refer to:

  • The Knights of the Round, twelve elite Britannian knights under the direct command of the Emperor.
  • The Order of the Black Knights, a Anti-Britannian vigilante group led by Zero.
  • The pilot of any Knightmare Frame is technically considered a knight particularly in the Britannian military (the name of the machine deriving from a "Knight's mare").
  • The term also refer to ranking and elite Britannian military officers and knightmare pilots that operate outside the Britannian military.
  • The Glaston Knights, the personal knights of Cornelia li Britannia.
  • A Knight of Honor that protects the female members of the Imperial Family.
  • Knight an Honorary Title.
  • A member of one of the Euro-Britannian Knightly Orders
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