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• 2/15/2019

Code Page

How come we don't have a page explaining the "Code" yet? You know, the code transferred to other people, making them immortal and etc

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• 1/23/2019

Akito the exiled

I'm kind of confused. I get that Lelouch is Julius Kingsley, but when he gets his memory back in R2, it doesn't mention anything about him getting his memories about being Julius back. Does he get those memories back, or is Akito the exiled set in an AU?

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• 10/14/2018

Is Lelouch alive or not?

I’m confused. Did he somehow survive getting gutted with a broad sword by Suzaku at the end of season 2, or is this just a stupid what if?

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• 8/31/2018

Amusing Discovery

Lately, I've found out that this fandom wikia is more organised than most of the CG related Wikipedia articles. For example, the CG Character List, where they still hold the belief that Imperial Family children are ranked by the prestige of their mothers, edit wars are held over ships, and someone's two OCs haven't been removed for a month and a half now. Hell, if anything, I'm surprised I haven't found any mention of "Victor zi Britannia". If anyone has free time (and will to do so), you could make a visit there and help clean up the page from this madness.
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• 4/29/2018

Manga vs Light Novel


I was wondering, if anyone who has read the manga and the light novels both can tell me what's the difference in the storyline between the two.

Also, anywhere I can get the manga and light novels.
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• 3/10/2018

Official Novel and Nunally

Is the official novel the official canon for this show? If so then perhaps we should make note of that in the wikia.
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• 2/20/2018

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